VTEC has developed a unique approach to customizing your factory Glock slide to allow for deeper side serrations.  We’ve also changed the typical roll mark removal pattern used by many others to something we feel has more character and appeal.  Our Base Cut includes our unique inlay on each side, our deep side serrations and your choice of a single color Cerakote. Our deep side serrations allow for better grip to the user and look great!  Add chamfers on all top and side corners and you’ve reduced the weight enough to see a noticeable difference in the cycle rate. Add other cuts offered to customize to your taste and further reduce weight.


Purpose-Driven Performance

Cuts engineered to improve the handling of your firearm as well as customize the look.


  • Base Cut (includes inlays, deep front side serrations, and a single color of Cerakote)     $175.00
  • ADD top and side chamfers                                                                                        +$30.00
  • ADD top serrations or a window *not available for sub-compact sizes*                         +$50.00
  • ADD ‘tic-tac front side cuts                                                                                         +$50.00
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